I can honestly say that I’ve never felt as content as I have felt this past month and a half. Thank you so much for helping me to find my way.

Haley T.

The advice you provided was insightful and to be quite frank, completely changed my outlook on life. It’s so often that we college students forget to stop and think about our inner values and goals. It’s unfortunate, but we are trained to focus on degrees and opportunities that offer financial gain or that others seek for us. I think what you’re doing is absolutely profound!

Shelby F.

Standing out early and often” is one of the most impactful events I have attended. The event left me wanting to hear more, captivating me with his intriguing and relatable stories, which were all expressly summarized by implementable life lessons.

Michael H.

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. I always get so much out of these leadership insights. I often look at my friends and peers who are teachers or nurses and wonder how I can possibly obtain the same impact on people that they have in their careers. You reminded me that it is possible.

Michelle O.

I really appreciated the emphasis placed on living our own lives in our own unique ways not because someone else is or someone else told us to. I spent a lot more thought in and realized the importance of my own personal vision statement.

Kevin O.

Despite all my planning, I have always felt that next steps in the work place are unknown. There is so much advice out there that I try but doesn’t end up working. You are an incredibly inspiring speaker and I am excited to fill out your clarity board document and see how it all connects.

Katie G.

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate someone who’s accomplished so much in life and your career reaching out to all of us who are beginning that journey.

Paulina C.

I really enjoyed the workshop and it definitely encouraged me to consider what my vision statement is, as well as to set future goals for myself. I also found the “homework assignments” to be an extremely useful start to figuring out what my beliefs and purpose are.

Jane B.

The “Standing Out Early and Often” workshop was a catalyst to my self-development journey. As a college student, I was always focused on my classes and involvement in student organizations, but never really thought about spending time on personal growth. John offered great real life examples and outlined attainable first steps for me to start realizing my personal mission, vales, and goals. I can definitely say that this has been the most impactful session I have attended and would highly recommend to anyone looking to grow and differentiate themselves.

Victoria P.

Stand Out Early and Often” is a perfect concept. It’s almost like giving new graduates a competitive advantage over other new grads who don’t have these learnings and insights, which should result in them achieving their goals faster. I really like the personal connection, caring mentorship and impactful calls to action.

Theresa B.