John Walsh is a charismatic, inspirational and action-oriented speaker who has a love and unique talent for sharing emotional stories and the key lessons he learned on his journey from being homeless in high school to becoming a highly successful senior executive at Disney and Madison Square Garden to becoming an entrepreneur.

His passion and energy comes from connecting with his audience, understanding their challenges and opportunities and delivering messages that last well beyond his time on stage. John cares deeply about the success and the experience of others so his engagements typically do not end when the speech is over. He is committed to ensuring that the audience achieves the results and outcomes they need.

John is widely known as the “Powering Beyond Expert” and his primary speaking topics come from his best-selling book and fast-growing podcast, both of which are titled “The Standout Experience.” He founded his company and leads a purpose-driven life to inspire and help others stand out in life, on the job, in a career or in an industry.

There are many topics within John’s repertoire but they are all part of a proprietary and proven process (called a playbook) that helped him and others find success along their journeys. The key areas of focus for this process align with his (and his company’s) six core values:

1. Rise to your best self (personal growth, development and high performance)
2. Shine your leadership light (leading self, people, businesses and your industry)
3. Impact the world (being a game-changer, making a difference, being memorable)
4. Live fully (experiencing life, taking risks, closing the “gaps” in life)
5. Love deeply (connecting with others, caring, giving, listening)
6. Win each day (competition, strategy, preparation, playing the game)

John is a highly-demanded and frequent return speaker at colleges, universities, Fortune 500 companies, seminars, webinars and local community events. As part of his speeches, John shares advice, strategies, tactics and actionable tips from his personal journey to success and 18+ years of experience at Disney.

John will meet with you to prepare a customized message tailored to your individual needs and expected outcomes. He will go anywhere and speak to anyone, virtually or in-person, to share his passion, his mission and his message to stand out when it matters most.

If you want to know more about the Disney way, learn from the experiences of an entrepreneur, understand life and a career from a challenging personal journey perspective and get quick access to many years of research, please contact us to book John.  We are here for you.

Thank you very much for your interest and we wish you all the best.

John Walsh Speaking Clips

Sample of Highly-Requested Topics 

Delivering When It Matters Most

Understand what separates you from the rest, leverage your unique strengths and know what and how to deliver in the moments that matter.

Taking Life’s Journey

One of the most powerful speeches about John’s personal journey, your own journey through life, how to close the gaps we create, how to make choices and decisions, and how to go for the wins instead of protecting against our losses.

Power of Purpose

Understand the difference between Idealistic Purpose, Practical Purpose and Tactical Missions.  Find out what the three reasons we are all here, how to create (not find) your purpose and leveraging your missions to fulfill your purpose and achieve Ikigai.

The Experience of You

Disney is an experience like no other, and so are you.  Once you learn how to create this experience for others, you will stand out and become memorable.

Performing Backstage, Advice from the World’s Greatest Entertainment Companies

You and your company can be the Disney or MSG of your industry but it takes more than a dream and an idea.  Find out what you must do in private that determines how you perform in public.

The Game of High-Performance and Leadership

You will win if you know what game you are playing, the strategy you need, how to prepare and what to do when it is game time.  There are so many lessons to be learned from a former athlete, marathoner and triathlete.  

From Startup to Success 

Whether it’s an individual that is just starting, re-starting or needing to start over or a new company, there is a proven playbook to get you from here to there quickly.  


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