Take the leap from start to STANDOUT


Whether you’re studying for your degree or in the early stages of life and your career, it can be difficult to know what direction you’re heading in and achieve success early and often.

The current educational system and workplace career development programs try to fill in this gap, but often don’t have the time or resources to adequately prepare you for your next step and they teach only certain parts of the full success equation. Often what they do teach are the basic table stakes that broadly apply to everyone and don’t give you the competitive advantage you need to reach your greatest potential.

The StandoutX Individual Development Program is perfectly suited to students, young professionals and organizational leaders who want a holistic approach to success in their personal life and career whilst also providing the secret factors only the best of the best have.


Learning the StandoutX Way to Success!

The good news is that going from Start to Standout is simple and achievable with this program, but it’s not easy. Being the best, achieving your big dreams and living the life that you truly want to live requires a little extra.

We are here to inspire, help and motivate you to do the little extra that it takes. Our program comes from 20+ years of research, testing and the best practices from the world’s top experts. Our CEO, John Walsh, has also incorporated what he has learned over his 20-year career with world-class organizations like the Walt Disney Company and the Madison Square Garden Company.

This program is one of the only personal and career development programs that takes a holistic approach to personal and professional development and curates all of the best practices, ideas and lessons learned from hundreds of successful people over many years to give you the most important things that you need to know.


Why People Love Us

All of our participants love working with us to complete the StandoutX program! Here’s why:

  • Clarity – They gain much-needed clarity on who they are, their ideal future, their purpose and missions and how to play and win the game of life.
  • Simplicity – They learn only the most important lessons and skills to maximize learning and cut out anything they don’t need.
  • Certainty – They accelerate their success by adopting concrete practices in becoming a high performer, impactful leader and, ultimately, a Standout.
  • Results – They build concrete skill sets and foundations that, when practiced, produce measurable results.
  • Achievement – They gain a sense of accomplishment and understand their impact on the world through practicing and enhancing skills in ways they may never have thought possible.
  • Support – They are not alone! All participants have access to the StandoutX community of like-minded individuals to support and encourage them along their journey.


What You’ll Get From Us

The StandoutX Individual Development Program has been built to teach you The Standout Way and give you flexibility to integrate key learnings and practices into your daily life. You can learn at your own pace and the program is delivered virtually so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

To help you in this Standout journey, we include everything you need in the program to be successful and enjoy the process.

StandoutX Individual Development Program

Your journey from start to STANDOUT
$ 499
  • Access to the 28-Part StandoutX Training Video Series (10+ hours of content) with best practices, expert insights and action items to implement immediately
  • Digital worksheets, guides and journals to accompany the video series
  • Milestone challenges, exercises and measurement tools
  • A copy of the best selling book, "The Standout Experience" by John Walsh
  • Virtual Events hosted by John Walsh
  • Access to experts and others going through the program as part of the StandoutX Community
  • Bonus content and additional resources that you can only unlock as you work through the program
  • Exclusive offers and discounts for other StandoutX experiences



At the end of the program, we’ll celebrate your success with a StandoutX Certificate of Completion and continue to support you through the Standout Community even after the program ends.

The next step to living your Standout life is right here. What are you waiting for?