Custom Engagements

Life can be very complex, often challenging, extremely competitive and always changing.  It’s easy to see why we sometimes get discouraged, frustrated and unhappy with who we are, what we have and where we think we are going.

When preparing for the next step in life, we’ve found many struggle to adopt a holistic approach to practicing meaningful action. Current educational establishments and career development systems try to fill in the gaps, but often don’t have the time or resources to adequately prepare the whole individual for success in their personal life and career.

That’s why we’ve taken a new approach to holistic personal and professional development to educate, engage with and empower students and young professionals to Power Beyond!

PowerBeyond Custom Engagements are perfectly suited for and customized to schools and companies looking to inspire, develop and prepare their students and employees to go beyond what they thought possible.

Learning the PowerBeyond Way to Success!

PowerBeyond was created for people like you who share our belief that we all have the ability, opportunity and responsibility to go above and beyond, to excel in our career and live an exceptional life.

We work together with schools and companies of varying sizes to determine the gaps in individuals’ development needs and provide expert training to fill those gaps across all dimensions of personal and professional life.

We take our students, young professionals and organizational leaders on a journey to becoming a standout by turning the best and brightest ideas into actions that yield real results while being surrounded by a supportive and like-minded global community.

Our program is completely customizable and flexible, so it can work around existing studies and work commitments. We tailor our program specifically to you to infuse 30+ years of personal and professional experience and lessons from our founder and CEO John Walsh, former Disney executive turned entrepreneur and author, into your organization using our PowerBeyond Process for success.

Why People Love Us

So why do our students and young professionals love working with us?

  • Clarity – They gain clarity on who they are, where they’re going both personally and professionally and they have a defined purpose.
  • Simplicity – They learn how to focus on what they really need and how to eliminate things they don’t.
  • Certainty – They increase certainty in their life with a clear, simplified direction and by implementing concrete actions designed to increase opportunities and accelerate success.
  • Action – They build concrete skill sets and foundations that, when practiced, produce measurable results.
  • Support – They are not alone! All participants have access to the PowerBeyond community of like-minded individuals there to support and encourage them along their journey.
What You’ll Get From Us

We customize, develop and integrate PowerBeyond lessons and tools into your school or organization in a way that works best for you! All of our engagements are delivered to ensure the maximum benefit and preparation for the next level.

We customize the following elements of the program based on your needs:

  • Duration – It could be a 1 day workshop, 3 day retreat, 9 month program or a year long organizational commitment depending on your organization’s needs.
  • Delivery Method – You choose the frequency and style (virtual or in person) that best suits you.
  • Participants – Programs can be tailored for small teams to entire organizations.
  • Topics – We can cover a range of special personal and professional development topics based on your unique goals. Our goal is to highlight what matters most to you and your organization.

No matter how your program is tailored, we always include the essentials needed to learn how to Power Beyond:

  • World class experts and mentors to teach and inspire all participants along the way
  • Program materials such as digital/print workbooks and all activity documents
  • A copy of the best selling book The Standout Experience by John Walsh
  • Access to experts in the PowerBeyond Community
  • Post engagement follow up 
  • Progress tracking and key success measurement tools
  • Exclusive offers for other PowerBeyond experiences

Most people go through life just fine. At PowerBeyond, we believe life is too short for “just fine.” Why settle for “just fine,” when you and your organization can accelerate success, maximize potential and live life to the fullest?

Why be ordinary when you can Power Beyond?

Contact us today for a custom proposal!