Students and young professionals today are trained to write resumes, conduct effective interviews and secure good jobs; however, very few are prepared to be successful early on the job and even fewer know how to maintain that success for the rest of their careers and their lives. In fact, a recent study found that only 27% of college graduates are working in jobs that relate to their major and 70% are unhappy with their jobs or are completely disengaged. Another study showed that a millennial will change jobs four times before they are 32 and most of them don’t feel empowered in their current jobs.

The PowerBeyond aims to inspire and help you live as your best self, enjoy an exceptional life, exemplify strong leadership and make a difference in the world. Imagine what we could accomplish together if each student and young professional accelerated their potential, maximized their talents and helped the world become a better place. We enable this vision by bringing together the best ideas and actions (known as IDEActions) from highly successful mentors, business and thought leaders, college deans, professors and corporate partnerships to give students the guidance and tools to Power Beyond for success, achievement and fulfillment.

More specifically, PowerBeynd offers the following:

1. A playbook, creed, certification, belief and vision that enables everyone to stand out when it matters most so you can rise as your best self, shine your leadership light on others and make a real impact on the world

2. Curated content, research, information and advice that fits the PowerBeyond playbook, brings the PowerBeyond creed alive and gives you only the important ideas and actions you need to know to turn your vision into a reality

3. A community of other PowerBeyond individuals and businesses who form a long-lasting bond and encourage, challenge and support each other in the pursuit to Power Beyond

4. World-class experts to help and inspire you with the latest ideas, strategies and tactics to achieve your goals and dreams and increase the probability of success and happiness in life and your career

5. Opportunities, rewards and the satisfaction that comes as a result of the focus, dedication, hard work and consistent habits in the endless pursuit of standing out

By becoming a part of the PowerBeyond community, you will have an understanding of who you are, what you are capable of and how you can accelerate your potential. You will create a vision, a future and a roadmap of where you want to go, who you want to be and how you want to live.  You will change the way you think and approach each day.  You will live your purpose, pursue your mission and understand what it means to be happy, successful and filled with love.  You will build the key foundations for school, your career and life and you will put the right people around you to help you in your journey.  You will develop into a world-class leader and have a focus on ways you can make a positive impact on the lives of everyone around you.  You will understand the keys that allow you to Power Beyond when it matters most.

The PowerBeyond Creed

I write my story. I am in control of my life. I make my own choices, and I own my day. I am the hero character in my life, and I will determine how the story goes. I live my life the way I want to live it, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make my story a bestseller.

I am me. I am unique, and I am who I am. I am good with my past, grounded in my present, and moving forward to my future. I grow and develop myself, and I always strive to be my best.

I determine my success. I create my future and determine holistic success on my terms. I follow my North Star with clarity, focus, dedication, grit, and determination. I am willing to experiment and take risks to pursue my ikigai. I am motivated and driven to achieve my goals and dreams.

I play the game. I am a champion. I enjoy playing the long game and getting better every day. I embrace challenges, prepare more than others, and have fun. I push myself to the highest level and beyond. I compete hard and never give up. I am hungry to win, and I love to dominate. I am respectful of others.

I live happy and love deeply. I do what makes me happy, and I have no regrets. I find success in happiness, and I create happiness for others. I do what I love, and I love what I do. I love deeply and unconditionally, and I don’t settle for anything less for myself. I always give more than I take.

I live my purpose. I know my purpose, and I rise, shine, and impact every day. I exemplify the power of three and I celebrate leveling up. I value my inputs, optimize my environment, and control my outputs for the benefit of others. I aim to leave a legacy for others.

I take the journey. I know where I’m going, plan ahead, and make good choices. I raise my standards and constantly push myself to be more, do more, and go higher. I rebound from setbacks, and I do what’s hard to fight against the gravity of life. I am agile, flexible, and willing to make changes to chart a better course when necessary.

I build my foundations. I lay one brick at a time and set the necessary groundwork for all areas of my life. I execute my plans and take consistent action. I do it even when I don’t want to. I work harder than the rest and have the right circles around me. I remain loyal to my daily habits, and I relentlessly prepare myself in all areas of my career and my life.

I take the lead. I set the example, seek knowledge by asking questions, and help raise the potential of those around me. I inspire and help others and show what’s possible. I lead change and have a vision for the future. I step up, accept responsibility, and lead for myself and others.

I make an impact. I make a difference and I matter. I solve problems, innovate, create, and add value. I make an impact on the world no matter how big or small. I connect with those around me and positively touch the lives of others.

I stand out. I rise above the norm and stand out when it matters most. I live a standout life and create powerful moments for others. I have high potential and consistently demonstrate high performance. I work hard to be the exception, display excellence, exceed expectations, and exemplify my own personal x-factors.

I shine my light. I live my core values steadily, guard my thoughts and beliefs carefully, and choose my words and actions wisely. I radiate positive energy and shine my light on others.

I Power Beyond!